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Xavier's Marketing and Communications division is your creative partner. Whether it's developing a results-oriented marketing plan, an eye-catching brochure, or a well-crafted press release, we're here to take the lead and help you meet your marketing and communications goals. Due to the number of marketing needs across the University, our team focuses the majority of its work on the University’s most strategic areas. Projects that are externally facing often stay with someone on our team to manage. All internally facing projects will need to be done using one of our ready-made templates, or by our freelance team for a rate that is paid for by the client.

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The Marketing and Communications team is constantly seeking stories that speak to the culture of eXcellence at Xavier University. Our overarching objective is to share timely, powerful, compelling, and differentiating stories whenever most appropriate and relevant. As we gather story ideas, we consider potential audience, our resources, the best timing for the story, as well as the most appropriate medium for telling the story.

News & Media

Xavier University of Louisiana Media Relations team works with journalists and media contacts across the world to cover all facets of university life from research to breaking news.